Ancestors of Michael Rutherfurd LAIDLAW and Elaine Elizabeth WILSON


 Acknowledgements & Sources 

Michael R Laidlaw 1945-

John K Laidlaw 1860-1928

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Descendant Charts:
Andrew Laidlaw, 1725 Edward Saunders, 1770 William Wilson, 1830 Henry Lunn, 1700
James Burnet, 1725 John Main, 1756  Alexander Cairns, 1835 Thomas Varndell, 1750
John Kinlay, 1770 John Crombie (Crambie), 1751 Alexander Drysdale, 1850 John W Harvey, 1840
Robert McCall (McCaul), 1745 Archibald Downs, 1766
Robert Thorburn, 1702 James Pearson 1719


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The "FAMILY NAME MAP" is a concise chart showing how the main family names are connected. Clicking on boxes in the left hand column will bring up family group detail sheets for the individual concerned. Clicking on boxes in the other columns will bring up the relevant family descendant chart. 

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Descendant Charts 
Within descendant charts, shaded boxes have links to the relevant family group detail sheets.

The GEDCOM file contains comprehensive details of all known connections of my family. This will only be readable by importing it into a genealaogy software package. Consistent with standard genealogical practice, living people are excluded except for myself and my wife (if I have inadvertently included a living person my apologies are offered, and this will be corrected on notification). 

Family History Files are text (.txt)  files with comprehensive details for the relevant family. If you do not use genealogy software this may be a convenient way of downloading information. Living people are excluded as per GEDCOM file. 


I am grateful to the following relatives and contacts (some close, others distant) for their assistance with tracing my ancestors

Ian Glendinning,  Aberdeen Scotland (Almost all information about Glendinning family, and help with Laidlaw, Burnet and Leyden connections)
Fiona Truncik, BC Canada (Downs family)
Deborah Elliot, Vancouver ( Family of James K Laidlaw and other descendants of Andrew Laidlaw and Susana Rutherford)
Tony Saunders, Winchester England ( Saunders, Pearson and Crombie families)
Jim Saunders, Truro, Nova Scotia (Family of George Saunders, son of Thomas Saunders and Catherine Carruthers)
Mary Laidlaw, Dunfermline, Scotland (Laidlaw family)
M Robinson (Details of family of Andrew Laidlaw and Agnes Glendinning from Teviothead cemetry)
Peter Gill, Australia (Burnet will with details of families of Andrew Laidlaw and Agnes Glendinning and John Laidlaw and Margaret Burnet)

Most records have been sourced from  the Scottish Records Office site  and
Familysearch the genealogy site of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. 
These sources are identified in the notes as:
-  SRO in the case of Scotlandspeople and the case of familysearch as 
-  IGI (International Genealogical Index), Pedigree File or Ancestral File in the case of familysearch records. It is noted that the Family Search site warns that Ancestral files have not been verified against official records.

Prepared by: Michael Rutherfurd Laidlaw 30 Aug 2009